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Our Mission

Our mission is to help youth overcome barriers to employment by developing employability skills and using those skills to create a foundation for career success.

Nice mission but what does it mean?

We host a 16-week program that offers two assists, in the first section we focus on developing Work Place Skills and the second section of the program is a Job Placement, which means we help you find a job in Taber or even in Lethbridge.

Participants are paid for the duration of the 16-week program.

Paid to Develop Skills?

The Government of Canada provides funding to run Taber’s Youth Employment Program and Taber and District Community Adult Learning Association manages the program.

Funding includes a wage for all participants for the entire 16-week program so that you can develop the skills you need to get and keep a job.


YEP invites speakers such as businesspeople, post-secondary researchers, and public service leaders to pass on their extensive knowledge to our participants. We also boast a quality staff and assistance from local employers and venues including Lethbridge and Medicine Hat College.

We are lucky to benefit from the expertise of accomplished professionals such as:

Freddi Dogterom 2.jpg

Freddie is an award-winning public speaking champion as well as a Certified Career Development Professional and a member of the Retirement Planning Association of Canada. She guides participants through True Colors training and an empowering session on Public Speaking.

Amanda Lawrence

Amanda Lawrence works with Barons-Eureka-Warner Family Services and administers the Myers Briggs Type Indicator helping participants identify personal preferences and strengths. She also administers the V.A.R,K, learning styles assessment and teaches courses on Anxiety and, “The Cause and Effect of Good Decision Making.”

Dr Robbin Gibb Framed

Dr. Robbin Gibb received her PhD in 2004 from the University of Lethbridge.  In July 2004 she accepted a faculty position in the Department of Neuroscience at the U of L. Her research is focused on elucidating the mechanisms underlying the influence of early experience in shaping the developing brain.

Lynda Kavanagh framed

Lynda Kavanagh is the Chief Executive Officer of WOW Communications, a company dedicated to positive workplace interaction and relations.  She is a keynote and session speaker on multiple topics including “Digital Etiquette” and “Dealing with Difficult People”.

Susan Brandt no caption

Susan Brandt started Street Level Consulting in 2005.  “After serving the homeless community in Ottawa for 20 some years I found my way to Calgary after having a lifelong love for the mountains.

Since the early 1980s, I have used my life experiences, and my education to bring the sort of compassionate and skilled care that I myself needed when I was broken as a result of homelessness and poverty in my teen years. Over the years I have learned more from those living on the margins of society than from the wise and prudent. Those whose lives have been devastated by calamity, victimization and oppression, those tormented by mental illness or suffering the consequences of addiction or poor decision making have all shown me that new life can arise out of past devastation.

At present, I have a private practice providing therapy to those who can pay and those who have limited income. A couple of days a week I do contract trauma counseling work with newly housed formerly unsheltered individuals- some are vets, some are addicted and some who struggle within their own mind. Every day I engage with individuals who cant secure stable housing due to lack of housing who survive the best way they can, I learn resilience from these folks and I get to offer hope and help. Weekly I serve at a community centre serving courageous single mom’s and their beautiful children. In addition to this, I love teaching on a variety of topics and mentoring and training a new generation of counsellors, front-line workers and people helpers in a variety of settings.

LC Logo unframed

Lethbridge College has always been a boon to our community.  They welcome the participants of the YEP program each session and teach us about professional training in Health Care, Trades, Information Technology and Business to name just a few themes in a vast array of options.

Landon and Allan MHC

Each session of YEP is allowed access to Medicine Hat
College and to Landon’s knowledge and experience (no small thing).  We explore great programs like Nursing, Visual  Communications, Power Engineering and Engineering Technologies through their Built Environment Engineering Technology (BEET) program along with many others.

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